Hosting Services

Web Hosting Packages

Following a successful migration to our own OpenVZ VPS solution, all our web packages are powered by our own VZ6 OpenVZ VPS. Uncompromising in reliability and performance, the host server is powered by dual octa-core AMD Opteron™ processors and driven by Debian Linux. Software RAID 10 for the data partition, for the best balance between performance and redundancy, ensures that your files are protected by redundancy. Backups are sent to a separate storage server on-the-fly for greater physical redundancy.

Virtual Private or Dedicated Servers, VPS or VDS

Uncompromising in reliability and performance, our host servers are powered by dual octa-core AMD Opteron™ processors (that's a total of 16 cores!), DDR3-1333 Registered ECC RAM, and driven by Debian 64-bit Server Edition Linux (currently Debian Wheezy 7). Harddisks are Western Digital "Black" SATA drives with 16MB of cache. Software RAID 10 (Mirroring+Striping) for all data partitions (yes, even the swap partition) ensures that the whole server and, most importantly, your virtual harddisks are protected by redundancy.

Virtual Servers are ideal for companies or individuals who do not wish to invest in server hardware, especially for short term projects. If you require special customised virtual servers, please contact us for a quote.

Server Colocation

Our server colocation services are priced at an affordable rate that belies the underlying infrastructure. High shared bandwidth and optional dedicated bandwidth are all unmetered, allowing your server to perform to its potential. With 24/7 monitoring and response, rest assured that your server is in good hands!

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are the main choice for companies that need to host sites with either significant database activity, requirement for large storage spaces, streaming of audio and/or video, or expect to have a high number of concurrent users, and do not wish to compromise security by sharing resources with others. If you do not see a server that fits your requirements, contact us and we will commence correspondence with you as soon as possible!

Server Management

A paired service available with our Virtual or Dedicated Servers, we are also able to manage your server for you. If you do not have an administrator, or if your administrator is currently overloaded, our management service may just be the solution you need! Contact us to discuss as soon as possible!