Other Services

Web and Internet Programming

We offer a wide range of web and internet programming for almost any type of application. Our expertise include technologies such as PHP, Perl, JavaScript & AJAX, CSS and Flash. All our solutions are locally developed – they are not outsourced to offshore companies, so if you are concerned about your intellectual property, rest assured that it will be in safe hands.

Hardware Solutions

If you have any hardware requirements at all, be sure you can get them addressed by us. Custom-built office PCs, servers, network consultation and configuration, are some of the more common tasks we've been tasked before.

Software Solutions

One of our strengths lie in the ability to deliver custom-made software solutions, tailored to each customer's requirements and process flow. Along the way, we sometimes re-engineer operational processes for a more seamless fit with IT processes, resulting in more efficient and logical processes.

Data Management

Backup and restore, the two most overlooked but crucial elements to any business. Deploying solutions that comprise of both physical and logical redundancy, we provide business owners and managers peace of mind knowing that their data is safe.